In Memory of Dale Earnhardt

April 29, 1951 – February 18, 2001

Dale at a charity event in Goshen, NY

Dover, September 2000 before the race

Best Buddy Frank DeFeo and Dale Earnhardt

Dover, September 2000

Happy Hour at Dover, September 2000

Brickyard Tire Test

87 Wrangler car at RCR Museum

I took this photo at the RCR museum in September 1992 and gave a copy to Dale & Richard and jackman David Smith as a "thank you". 
Special thanks to my best buddy Frank DeFeo for getting it signed! You da man!

Pocono Happy Hour, July 1995

Watkins Glen 1988

Phoenix, 1995

No Bull 5 money from Talladega, 10/15/2000

Dover BGN 1993

Ken Schrader in the AC/Delco jacket, Frank DeFeo with arms crossed on Earnhardt's right,
Kelly DeFeo seated to Frank's right. BGN race at Dover, June 1993.

All photos on this site copyright Craig Witkowski, 2001, except the "Bunny Ears" shot, used by permission of Frank DeFeo, 2001




A r.a.s.n Exclusive!!!

Below are exclusive photos of our wedding at the Fast Track Driving School at Charlotte Motor Speedway,
October 15, 1996!
From left to right: Kathi Kivi - Bride, Craig Witkowski - Groom, Hannah Boomhower - Flower Girl and Ring Bearer
Frank DeFeo - Best Man, Susie Jung - Matron of Honor

 Wedding Party at start/finish line

Formal portrait at the Start/Finish line at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Wedding Couple

Kathi and Craig and the black number 3!

Finish Line!

Yep! *CHARLOTTE* Motor Speedway, *not* Lowes!

Hot laps in a hot car!

Doing a "Wedding Lap" in our 1996 Monte Carlo Z34, complete with black & white pom-poms!

Frank and Kelly DeFeo

Best Man Frank DeFeo and his wife Kelly

Unocal 76 Wedding Flag

Unocal 76 Wedding Flag - what did you expect at a racing wedding?

Cutting the cake!

The Bride's cake has three cars on top: '87 Wrangler, '88 Goodwrench, '96 Olympics

Wedding Toast to my sweetheart!

A toast to my bride, in the Champions Room at the Stock Car Café

Thanks to all the fantastic folks at Fast Track High Performance Driving School, including Andy, Mary and Gary Hillenburg, Rick Houston at Winston Cup Scene for the wonderful write-up of our wedding, Sam Bass at Sam Bass Illustration and Design and Frank and Kelly DeFeo for the superb wedding gift of Sam's "Blaze of Glory" print, and the fine folks at the Stock Car Café in Cornelius, NC, hosts of our wedding reception!